Recognizing the best contemporary architectures, regardless of budget, size, style, or type. Show the range of outstanding projects architects create, whilst highlighting the many ways buildings and spaces can improve lives.

Architecture is the lifeline of all cities and suburbs. At TITAN Property Awards, we search for the best solo or team contributions to the architectural industry in your country. We want to see your architectural innovations be known to the rest of the world here at TITAN Property Awards.

The TITAN Architecture Design of the Year is yours to win. Break new grounds with us, today.


AC24001. Agricultural Buildings
AC24002. Arches, Bridges, Viaducts & Gateways 
AC24003. Aviation
AC24004. Boutique
AC24005. Bridges & Walkways (NEW)
AC24006. Business Building
AC24007. Commercial High-Rise
AC24008. Commercial Low-Rise
AC24009. Commercial Offices
AC24010. Conceptual 
AC24011. Cultural
AC24012. Disaster Rapid Deployment Housing
AC24013. Disaster Relief Architecture
AC24014. Educational
AC24015. Factories & Warehouses
AC24016. Healthcare
AC24017. Heritage
AC24018. Hotels & Resorts
AC24019. Industrial
AC24020. Infrastructure
AC24021. Institutional 
AC24022. Landmarks
AC24023. Landscape
AC24024. Leisure
AC24025. Lighting
AC24026. Low-cost Housing
AC24027. Memorials
AC24028. Mix Use Architectural Designs
AC24029. Mobile Homes 
AC24030. Multi Unit Housing Low Rise
AC24031. Office Building
AC24032. Parks
AC24033. Plazas
AC24034. Pop-Ups & Temporary
AC24035. Prefab Homes
AC24036. Public Art & Public Art Installation
AC24037. Public Spaces
AC24038. Railway Stations (NEW)
AC24039. Rebirth Project
AC24040. Recreational
AC24041. Residential (Single)
AC24042. Residential High-Rise
AC24043. Residential Low-Rise
AC24044. Restaurants & Bars
AC24045. Restoration & Renovation
AC24046. Retails, Shops, Department Stores & Mall
AC24047. Rural Design
AC24048. Small Building
AC24049. Social Housing
AC24050. Sports & Recreation
AC24051. Sustainable / Environmental / Green 
AC24052. Swimming Pool & Terrace
AC24053. Symbolic Structures
AC24054. Transportation
AC24055. Urban Design
AC24000. Architecture / Other____
AF24001. Best Accessibility Design
AF24002. Best Aesthetics Design
AF24003. Best Circulation Design
AF24004. Best Comfort Design
AF24005. Best Daylighting and Ventilation Design
AF24006. Best Flexibility Design
AF24007. Best Safety and Security Design
AF24008. Best Segregation Design
AF24009. Best Sustainability Design
AF24000. Best Temperature or Humidity Design

Deadlines & Fees

TITAN Property Awards makes every effort to keep entry costs accessible. Thus, our entry fees are $280 for all property development categories, $209 for all architecture/interior design/landscape design/real estate categories, and $139 for all property marketing categories. Rather than increasing the fee for each entry, fees are only charged in order to cover administrative costs like printing, mailing and data organization. For this reason, each participant is charged a flat $30 annual administrative fee. When all participants pay the same low fee, those submitting more than one entry will actually pay less than if fees were on a sliding scale.

2024 S2
Entry Period
Early Bird
(May 15 - Jun 20, 2024)
(Jun 21 - Jul 17, 2024)
(Jul 18 - Aug 21, 2024)
Final Extension
(Aug 22 - Sep 18, 2024)
First Entry
$199 $209 $229 $239
Additional Category
$139 $149 $169 $179
Additional Entry
$199 $209 $229 $239
Results Announcement: Nov 8, 2024

* You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged as such.

Work submitted must have been created within the last 5 years.

Benefits and recognition

The Architecture Winner of the Year will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win. The winning entry will be highlighted on the main page of the TITAN Property Awards website, and published on our official social media platform.

In addition, Platinum and Gold winners will receive a complimentary certificate, press release template, as well as graphic downloads for marketing purposes.


The Category Winners of the Year from each category will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win.


All Category Winners of the Year, Platinum and Gold Winners will get the chance to showcase your winning work with a published interview on our media partner – Muse.World’s website.


Every winner gets a dedicated Winner’s Page for up-to 5 years to promote your achievement on our correspondence, social media, websites, and more.
Benefits / Winning Level Category Winners
of the Year
Platinum Winners Gold Winners Silver Winners
TITAN Statuette YES / / /
Appearance on Winner’s Highlight Page YES / / /
Mentioned in Winner Press Release YES / / /
Mentioned in TITAN Property Awards e-Newsletter YES YES / /
Mentioned in Media Partner Website: Muse.World YES YES / /
Dedicated Social Post YES YES / /
Winner’s Interview YES YES YES YES
Dedicated Winners’ Page YES YES YES YES
Eligible to Purchase TITAN Statuette YES YES YES YES
Winner Certificate YES YES YES YES
Winner’s Badge YES YES YES YES

Awards Process

TITAN Property Awards - Online Registration
Online Registration
TITAN Property Awards - Online Submission
Online Submission
TITAN Property Awards - Preliminary Checking
Preliminary Checking
TITAN Property Awards - Entry Evaluation
Entry Evaluation
TITAN Property Awards - Winners Selection
Winners Selection


A preliminary check is performed by a random jury member to provide insights to your project after your submission is complete. The consultancy service is free-of-charge, and you will be given constructive feedback on the improvements of your submission.

The jury member will be looking for design quality, visualization and presentation characteristics, category compliance, images, the descriptive text, and more. Your project will either be approved or rejected based on the preliminary check, where you will receive the update via email. In the event that your project is rejected, constructive actions will be given by the jury member for you to further improve your submission.


1. The preliminary score will not be the final score. Your final score will be based on the points given by the grand jury panel.

2. The preliminary score is provided as is, thus not guaranteed to be as accurate as the final score.

3. The preliminary score is subjective and thus subject to change. Your score increases or decreases based on the viewership by other preliminary jurors.

4. The preliminary score will not be seen by the jury panel, and will not be used to determined your final score.


Image Limits; Up to ten images in JPEG and one PDF can be uploaded per entry. For easy results, ensure images are formatted as JPEG/PNG, 1000px, and no larger than 5MB. Please save PDFs in "Screen View", limited to 6 pages per entry, or 5MB in size.

Submissions should be as detailed as possible. For example, architectural submissions should include small-scale site plans for context, and images of all sides of the building and its environment. A complex of buildings should include a rendering. Restorations and remodels should include images of the site "before and after."

Submissions can be entered as concepts, completed, or works in process. Completed projects may not be older than five years.

Limit written descriptions of your project to 350 words or less.