TITAN Property Awards Categories

Property Development

General Property Development Categories

PD21001 Agricultural Buildings

PD21002 Apartments

PD21003 Aviation

PD21004 Boutique

PD21005 Commercial High-Rise

PD21006 Commercial Low-Rise

PD21007 Commercial Redevelopment / Renovation

PD21008 Commercial Retail / Department

PD21009 Cultural

PD21010 Disaster Rapid Deployment Housing / Disaster Relief Architecture

PD21011 Educational

PD21012 Healthcare

PD21013 Heritage

PD21016 Hotels & Boutique

PD21014 Hotels & Resorts, Big

PD21015 Hotels & Resorts, Small

PD21017 Industrial

PD21018 Institutional

PD21019 Landscape

PD21020 Leisure

PD21021 Mixed-use Development

PD21022 New Hotel Construction & Design

PD21023 New Small Hotel Construction & Design

PD21024 Office Development

PD21025 Public Services Development

PD21026 Redevelopment & Renovation

PD21027 Residential Development (Multiple Units)

PD21028 Residential High-rise

PD21029 Residential Low-rise

PD21030 Residential (Single)

PD21031 Retail Development

PD21032 Small Building

PD21033 Social Housing

PD21034 Stores / Mall

PD21035 Sustainable Residential Development

PD21036 Sustainable / Environmental Development

PD21037 Transportation

PD21038 Yacht / Maritime Development

PD21039 Property Development / Others____


General Architecture Categories

AC21001 Agricultural Buildings

AC21002 Arches, Bridges, Viaducts & Gateways

AC21003 Aviation

AC21004 Boutique

AC21005 Business Building

AC21006 Commercial High-Rise

AC21007 Commercial Low-Rise

AC21008 Commercial Offices

AC21009 Conceptual

AC21010 Cultural

AC21011 Disaster Rapid Deployment Housing

AC21012 Disaster Relief Architecture

AC21013 Educational

AC21014 Factories & Warehouses

AC21015 Healthcare

AC21016 Heritage

AC21017 Hotels & Resorts

AC21018 Industrial

AC21019 Infrastructure

AC21020 Institutional

AC21021 Landmarks

AC21022 Landscape

AC21023 Leisure

AC21024 Lighting

AC21025 Low-cost Housing

AC21026 Memorials

AC21027 Mix Use Architectural Designs

AC21028 Mobile Homes

AC21029 Multi Unit Housing Low Rise

AC21030 Office Building

AC21031 Parks

AC21032 Plazas

AC21033 Pop-Ups & Temporary

AC21034 Prefab Homes

AC21035 Public Art & Public Art Installation

AC21036 Public Spaces

AC21037 Rebirth Project

AC21038 Recreational

AC21039 Residential High-Rise

AC21040 Residential Low-Rise

AC21041 Residential (Single)

AC21042 Restaurants & Bars

AC21043 Restoration & Renovation

AC21044 Retails, Shops, Department Stores & Mall

AC21045 Rural Design

AC21046 Small Building

AC21047 Social Housing

AC21048 Sports & Recreation

AC21049 Sustainable / Environmental / Green

AC21050 Swimming Pool & Terrace

AC21051 Symbolic Structures

AC21052 Transportation

AC21053 Urban Design

Architecture Features

AC21056 Best Accessibility Design

AC21057 Best Aesthetics Design

AC21058 Best Circulation Design

AC21059 Best Comfort Design

AC21060 Best Daylighting and Ventilation Design

AC21061 Best Flexibility Design

AC21062 Best Safety and Security Design

AC21063 Best Segregation Design

AC21064 Best Sustainability Design

AC21065 Best Temperature or Humidity Design

Interior Design

General Interior Design Categories

ID21001 Apartment

ID21002 Aviation

ID21003 Bathroom

ID21004 Beauty Salon

ID21005 Bedrooms

ID21006 Boutique

ID21007 Children's Rooms & Nurseries

ID21008 Civic / Public

ID21009 Commercial

ID21010 Cultural

ID21011 Exhibits, Pavilions & Exhibitions

ID21012 Healthcare

ID21013 Heritage

ID21014 Historic Restoration

ID21015 Home Decor

ID21016 Home Stay / Airbnb

ID21017 Hospitality

ID21018 Hotels & Resorts

ID21019 Industrial

ID21020 Informational / Transactional Kiosks & Terminals

ID21021 Installation

ID21022 Institutional / Educational

ID21023 Intelligent Homes

ID21024 Kitchen

ID21025 Leisure & Wellness

ID21026 Lighting

ID21027 Living Spaces

ID21028 Mix Use Building: Residential & Commercial

ID21029 Office

ID21030 Recreation Spaces

ID21031 Religious, Symbolic & Spiritual Buildings / Monuments

ID21032 Residential

ID21033 Restaurants & Bars

ID21034 Retail / Department Stores / Malls

ID21035 Service Centers

ID21036 Spa / Fitness

ID21037 Sports / Entertainment

ID21038 Stage

ID21039 Sustainable Living / Green

ID21040 Interior Design / Others____

Interior Design Features

ID21041 Best Impact Design

ID21042 Best Utility Design

ID21043 Best Ecological Compatibility Design

ID21044 Best Reality of Production Design

ID21045 Best Emotional Quotient Design

ID21046 Best Design Concept

ID21047 Best Spatial Planning

ID21048 Best Functionality Design

ID21049 Best Design Innovation

ID21050 Best Sustainability & Relevance

ID21051 Best Color Usage Design

ID21052 Best Theme Compatibility & Forward Thinking Design

Real Estate

General Real Estate Categories

RE21001 Community Champion

RE21002 Million Dollar Real Estate Agent (REA)

RE21003 Outstanding Broker

RE21004 Outstanding Buyer's Agent

RE21005 Outstanding Contractor

RE21006 Outstanding Dual Agent

RE21007 Outstanding Employer

RE21008 Outstanding Land & New Homes Specialist

RE21009 Outstanding Lettings Agency

RE21010 Outstanding New Agency (< 2 years)

RE21011 Outstanding Probationary Estate Agents (PEA)

RE21012 Outstanding Property Consultancy

RE21013 Outstanding Property Management Company

RE21014 Outstanding Property Management Department

RE21015 Outstanding Real Estate Negotiator (REN)

RE21016 Outstanding Real Estate Agency

RE21017 Outstanding Real Estate Agency Grouo (2 to 10 Offices)

RE21018 Outstanding Real Estate Agency Group (Over 10 Offices)

RE21019 Outstanding Realtor

RE21020 Outstanding Residential Auction Service

RE21021 Outstanding Seller's Agent

RE21022 Rising Star (< 2 years)

RE21023 Women Achiever in Real Estate Sector

Property Advertising

General Property Advertising Categories

PA21001 AD (Single)

PA21002 Advertising (Campaign)

PA21003 Banner / Sign

PA21004 Billboard

PA21005 Business / Trade Publication

PA21006 Mall / Airport / Station

PA21007 Newspaper AD (Campaign)

PA21008 Newspaper AD (Single)

PA21009 Online AD (Campaign)

PA21010 Online AD (Single)

PA21011 Point of Purchase

PA21012 Poster (Campaign)

PA21013 Poster (Single)

PA21014 Trade Show / Exhibit

PA21015 Advertising / Other____

Property Content

General Property Content Categories

PC21001 Ad Copy

PC21002 Advertorial

PC21003 Annual Report / CSR

PC21004 Brand Journalism

PC21005 Brochure

PC21006 Column

PC21007 Communication Plan

PC21008 Content Marketing / Other

PC21009 Editorial

PC21010 Feature Article

PC21011 Magazine

PC21012 Marketing Material

PC21013 News Article

PC21014 News Release

PC21015 Newsletter

PC21016 Speech

Property Strategic Program

General Property Strategic Program Categories

SP21001 Brand Strategy Campaign

SP21002 Communication Program

SP21003 CSR Program

SP21004 Digital Marketing Campaign

SP21005 Employee Relations

SP21006 Event Campaign

SP21007 Interactive Brand Experience

SP21008 Internal Comm Campaign

SP21009 Mobile Campaign

SP21010 PR Campaign

SP21011 Property Launch

SP21012 Research / Study

SP21013 Social Media Campaign

SP21014 Video Campaign

SP21015 Special Event

SP21016 Strategic Communications / Other

Property Social Marketing

General Property Social Marketing Categories

SM21001 Facebook Engagement

SM21002 Facebook Page

SM21003 Instagram Page

SM21004 LinkedIn Page

SM21005 Pinterest Page

SM21006 Snapchat Filter

SM21007 Social Ad Campaign

SM21008 Social Branding Campaign

SM21009 Social Content / Post

SM21010 Social Educational

SM21011 Social Engagement

SM21012 Social Entertainment

SM21013 Social Events & Live Streaming

SM21014 Social Influencer Marketing

SM21015 Social Marketing / Other

SM21016 Social News & Information

SM21017 Social Promotions & Contests

SM21018 Social Public Service & Activism

SM21019 Twitter Engagement

SM21020 Twitter Page

SM21021 Viral Marketing Campaign

SM21022 Weibo Page

SM21023 YouTube / Vimeo Video / Youku Video

Property Website

General Property Website Categories

PW21001 Architecture & Design

PW21002 Association

PW21003 Banking

PW21004 Branding

PW21005 Construction

PW21006 Consulting

PW21007 Corporate

PW21008 CSR

PW21009 Energy

PW21010 Environmental Awareness

PW21011 Events

PW21012 Financial Services

PW21013 Green / Eco-Friendly

PW21014 Home Living

PW21015 Hotel & Lodging

PW21016 Insurance

PW21017 Law & Legal Services

PW21018 Lifestyle

PW21019 Marketing

PW21020 Magazine

PW21021 Manufacturing

PW21022 Microsite

PW21023 Multilingual Site

PW21024 Personal Web Site

PW21025 Professional Services

PW21026 Promotion / Contest

PW21027 Property / Developer

PW21028 Property News

PW21029 Public Relations

PW21030 Publishing

PW21031 Real Estate

PW21032 Restaurant

PW21033 Retail / Shopping

PW21034 Social / Networking

PW21035 Web Agency

PW21036 Property Related Website / Other____

Property Website Features

PW21038 Best 360 Video

PW21039 Best Content

PW21040 Best Graphics

PW21041 Best Homepage

PW21042 Best Navigation / Structure

PW21043 Best Use of Animation

PW21044 Best Use of AR

PW21045 Best Use of Emerging Technology

PW21046 Best Use of Photography

PW21047 Best Use of Video or Motion Graphics

PW21048 Best Use of VR

PW21049 Best User Experience

PW21050 Best Visual Design

Property Video

General Property Video Categories

PV21001 Architecture & Design

PV21002 Association

PV21003 Audio & Podcasts

PV21004 Banking

PV21005 Branding

PV21006 Budget Under $100,000

PV21007 Commercial Campaign

PV21008 Commercial Single

PV21009 Consulting

PV21010 Consumer Products / Services

PV21011 Consulting

PV21012 Corporation

PV21013 CSR

PV21014 Design / Web Agency / Production Company

PV21015 Energy

PV21016 Events

PV21017 Financial Services

PV21018 Green / Eco-Friendly

PV21019 Government

PV21020 Home Living

PV21021 Hotel & Lodging

PV21022 Insurance

PV21023 Lifestyle

PV21024 Law & Legal Services

PV21025 Live Experience

PV21026 Marketing

PV21027 Magazine

PV21028 Manufacturing

PV21029 News

PV21030 Podcasting

PV21031 Professional Services

PV21032 Promotion / Contest

PV21033 Property / Developer

PV21034 Public Relations

PV21035 Real Estate

PV21036 Restaurant

PV21037 Retail / Shopping

PV21038 Sales Motivation

PV21039 Sales Presentation

PV21040 Training / Knowledge-Based

PV21041 Testimonial Story

PV21042 Web Agency

PV21043 Property Related Video / Other____

Property Video Features

PV21044 Best 360 Video

PV21045 Best Animation

PV21046 Best Editing

PV21047 Best Graphics Design

PV21048 Best Music

PV21049 Best Story

PV21050 Best Use of AR

PV21051 Best Use of Emerging Technology

PV21052 Best Use of VR

PV21053 Best User Experience

PV21054 Best Visual Effects / Motion Graphics

PV21055 Best Voice-over Talent