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TITAN Property Awards Panel

Our jury panel consists of leading real estate professionals, whose talents and contributions to both nation and environment are instrumental to building a well-constructed community. These individuals pave the way towards modern constructions and architectures, being an integral part of a new modernized society.

We would like to thank our highly esteemed jurors for their dedication, passion, and hard work in adjudicating these wonderful projects. This awards program would not be possible without the help of these enthusiastic professionals.



Chairman / Founder, K.C.Group

With 25 years of experience, Fadi Kreiker has made a name for himself through strategic and tactical management decisions, as well as new targeting top-notch aspects of business development, such as: Business Development, Project Management, and Operations Management. Through his efforts, he is known for impacting organizational profitability, especially for organizations of high repute in Real Estate industry in Gulf Countries & Europe. Before he started his career in the property industry, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1996. After graduating, he started his career in 1997. In the 2010s, he went on to obtain his Masters degree in Business Administration and Management from the United States, in 2012, allowing him to learn various ways to better manage his business opportunities. His past experiences are just shy of 30 years, but still rich and commendable. He worked at a total of 4 different companies: a consultant company in Beirut, Lebanon; Smart Contracting Group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; AlRajhi United in Dubai, UAE; and currently Prime Lands Group in Doha, Qatar. Throughout his career, he has received various awards that highlight the accomplishments that he received, such as: Best Director in 2010, Best Resilience Property in 2019, Best Office Building in 2019, and Best Development Multiple Units in 2019.


Benjamin Calleja

Founder & CEO, Livit Design

Benjamin Calleja, CEO of Livit Design. CEO of Livit (www.livit.design), world's largest restaurant design company, focusing on improving brand's performance through guest experience design, active in 40 countries over 5 continents, developing a new restaurant every 8h somewhere in the world. - Founder of Fast Fine Restaurant Group. A disruptive restaurant chain and an innovation lab for extraordinary guest experiences. www.v.restaurant & www.1889.pizza - Partner of The Passionality Group (www.passionalitygroup.com). Passionality cultivates concepts responsibly and profitably by providing specialized and relevant business expertise through advisory or consulting services and – where applicable – seed investments in exchange for compelling returns on invested capital. He is board member in various Scandinavian companies and advisor to several international private equity funds . Benjamin holds two Master of Architecture degrees and is considered an international expert in the area of Hospitality design and technology, whilst being a lecturer at Conferences, Events, and Masters. He is also member of the American Institute of Architects and Registered Architect in Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Luxembourg, and Sweden.

United Arab Emirates

Kourosh Salehi

MENA Design Director , LWK + PARTNERS

Kourosh Salehi is the Design Director for LWK + PARTNERS. He is a British architect, Urbanist, and educator with over 25 years international experience in the UK, Asia, and the Middle East. He has led the design process for a number of urban skylines in cities like London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Doha: his last completed tower design being the “Habtoor City Towers” in Dubai. His latest bridge design (Hanging Garden Bridge) for the Dubai Creek, has received royal endorsement and has been featured in a number of international design journals. As an active academic, Kourosh has published and presented a number talks on Urbanism and architecture globally, and is the author of the “Architectural Design Guidelines” for the Emirate of Sharjah. Kourosh projects have won numerous awards and participates annually on judging panels.


Cathy Chou

Brand Director, Yitian Design Group

Cathy Chou has more than 13 years of experience in design brand planning and promotion. Besides that, she also specializes in brand operation and management of design companies, as well as the provision of marketing and planning services for Top 500 customers. She has versatile experience in brand strategy, brand management, marketing and planning, and accumulated an abundant of expertise and experience in marketing and brand operation of large real estate marketing, planning, and design companies. Cathy Chou used to work for BLVD, CCD, Matrix Design, LSD Interior Design, and other world-renowned design companies, based in the Greater China Region. She also worked at the Shenzhen Architecture Design Institute as the Secretary General of International Architecture Design Forum. During these years, she offered world-class creative interior design planning and professional suggestions on tourist facilities, resorts, hotels, as well as product development for luxury resort hotel groups, famous listed real estate groups, real estate developers in famous tourist attractions, regional governmental departments, and elite business customers in all areas, including: five-star hotels, high-end office buildings, high-end clubs, creative office spaces and commercial spaces, show rooms of brand premises, personalized supporting clubs, and appealing sales centers.


Naresh V Narasimhan

Principal Architect & Managing Partner, Venkataramanan Associates

Naresh V Narasimhan is a practitioner and leader with over 34 years of experience in architecture and urban design. He is a best known for his association with Venkataramanan Associates, an award-winning architecture firm based out of Bengaluru, which saw a meteoric rise under his leadership. In addition to his architectural practice, his contribution to urban development as an urbanist and creative entrepreneur has been far-reaching. As co-founder of BATF - Bangalore Agenda Task Force, co-founder of MOD Foundation - an international collective of urban designers, researchers and curators and chairman of Link Innovations - an innovation and learning hub rooted in the Indo-French startup ecosystem, Naresh has fuelled a variety of progressive causes in the city. He also regularly advises government agencies on infrastructure development. He studied architecture at Manipal Institute of Technology, followed by continuing education at Harvard Institute for International Development. His interests range from politics, governance & communication strategies to cinema, art, and popular culture.

United Kingdom

Mr Ben Dickinson

Sales Director, ME Developments

Ben Dickinson is a significant person within the United Kingdom property market. With an impressive career working as a broker and advisor for a number of luxury real estate agents and an impressive sales track record to compliment. Ben brings with himself a wealth of knowledge across the home counties and London. Ben is currently responsible as the group Sale Director for ME Developments and works as an advisory Director for Prime Partnership, Estate Agents. Ben has a thorough understanding of the property market, a passion for customer service and consistently strives for a positive outcome in every situation. Ben is professionally trusted and effective person who allows his clients to achieve their goals and needs. We asked Ben why he is regularly recognised within the industry “People trust me with their most valuable asset, and that is a responsibility I take very seriously”; “I don't say no, I figure out a way to make it work," says Ben. "I break records, I break moulds and I do whatever I need to make it happen". Ben has an impressive leagues of awards to demonstrate his works. Of note, British Property Awards (Gold Winner 2019), Four International Property Awards (2020), Two Best Estate Agent Guide (2021) and Four awards with Luxury Lifestyle Awards (2021). Ben is also known for charitable work and has helped raised over £370,000 in donations for Cancer Research UK.”


Yan Hongfei

Founder& design director, AKASA DESIGN

Yan Hongfei, famous Chinese interior designer, is the founder& design director of AKASA DESIGN. Being good at the innovation and application of space design. Taking " Boundless · Oriental " as the design proposition, he insists that space design is the reflection of social values and the combination of sensibility and rationality. In works, he tries to build a cultural experience with " limited words embody rich and colorful meaning", and endows contemporary life with infinite possibilities. He has won many awards at home and abroad, and his works have also been published on major websites and magazines.


Lichen Ding

Design Director, Si Han Design

Lichen Ding is an award-winning designer with experience spanning across multiple disciplines and industries. Dabbled in architecture, interior space, and the field of art installations, service areas throughout the culture, hotel, commercial, office, real estate and brand planning. He has a passion for art since childhood and has always aspired to design for spatial comfort and simplicity. He designs are well received by clients as a blend of inspiration and functionality. With solid knowledge in architecture and interior designs,He started he career working with land developers after getting professional qualifications in her early twenties. His project design has won several international authoritative awards, such as Gold Key Award, iF Design Award, A' Design Award, The Prix Versailles, German Design Award, Iconic Award, Hospitality Design Award, Asia Design Prize,K Design Award,Singapore Interior Design Awards,London International Creative Competition,Inno Design Prize,The Architecture Master Prize and China 40 under 40. His is a Grand Jury Member of 2022 A' Design Award Competition, Italy.


Pan Hua

Design Director, Xi’an Ziwei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Pan Hua holds a master's degree in architecture from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. Since 2017, she has been working as the design director of Xi’an Ziwei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a large state-owned enterprise. Based on the company's concept of developing residential communities with superior facilities, services and humanistic care, she is committed to conceiving quality homes through design solutions. To support strategic transformation of the enterprise, she also actively participates in the design of commercial projects. Her major works encompass many upscale residential and commercial projects such as high-rise buildings, low-rise residences, stacked villas, shopping malls, apartments, offices, etc. Pan Hua used to serve Xi’an Architectural Design and Research Institute, Arcplus Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd. (Xi’an Branch), and East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (Northwest Center).


Lu Wei

Partner & Design Director, QIRAN DESIGN GROUP

Lu Wei graduated from China Academy of Art, and further studied in University of the Arts London. Having been engaged in interior design sector for more than 15 years, Lu Wei led and participated in a wide range of projects, including hotels, upscale restaurants, residences, clubhouses, hospital and schools, etc. He advocates a spatial design philosophy of combing aesthetics and pragmatic modernism, and constantly explores an exciting design journey.


Tiago do Vale

Senior Architect, Tiago do Vale Architects

Architect by the University of Coimbra, was Senator and Member of the Assembly of the University. Editor of Design Media Publishing’s “Urban Complex” book, and its Chinese edition by Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House “城市综合体”. Published throughout the world, Tiago do Vale has given lectures and signed articles on architecture, urban planning and rehabilitation in several publications.

Tiago do Vale regularly lectures and writes about architectural matters. Do Vale was curator of the 2014's "Urban Dialogues, International Architecture Congress", in Portugal and of the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions of the “Mesturas, International Architecture Encounters Galicia-Portugal” (Spain and Portugal).

He was the juror for the 2016 and 2017 DAS Awards in Moldavia, for the 2016 and 2017 editions of the João de Almada Award in Portugal, and for the Architecture MasterPrize since its 2020 edition.


Krista Paine

President, IPC and Design

Krista Paine, a registered interior designer has over ten years experience in project management and interior design, and is a Certified Red Seal Carpenter. She has been working as an Interior Designer cum Project Manager at IPC and Design for the past 9 years. From that line of work, she has designed numerous award-winning projects and was awarded Renovation of the Year 2020 at the Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence. She has been honored in many magazines and asked to be a judge for multiple building awards, including the CHBA National Housing Awards. Her line of work ensures that homes are built accordingly, resulting in an accommodation that is safe, efficient, and reflects one's lifestyle and personality, ultimately increasing one's day to day life. She prides herself on her attention to detail, quality, and clear communication between the designer, trades, and herself, to ensure her clients' vision comes to life in an efficient manner.


James Liang

Founder & Chairman & Design Director , JAMES LIANG & ASSOCIATES LIMITED

James was graduated from the Design Department of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and has many years of on-the-job teaching experience. In 1989, He founded JLa Design (JAMES LIANG & ASSOCIATES LIMITED) in Hong Kong. In 2009, he established Guangzhou as the headquarters of JLa Group, and set up JLa Design branches in Chengdu, Xiamen and Shenzhen. Adhering to the principle of "self-discipline and respect", and also as the spirit of JLa. Apart from his major in design, James also an expert musician and active in charity work. Furthermore, he active in the design industry, design education, public welfare, industry academia, art music production and other fields to exert a multi-faceted influence. James and JLa Design Group are known as "Design gentleman & Balance Master" by the authoritative media in the industry.


Danfu Lau

Chairman and chief creative director, PINKI DESIGN

PINKI DESIGN Brand founder, chairman and chief creative director,The first global Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA) Design Educator,Member of APSDA Asia Pacific Design Professional Practice Committee,National Director of Interior Design Branch of Architectural Society of China (IID-ASC),China Building Decoration Association academic and educational committee expert,Union for International Design of Macao (UIDM) vice-chairman,Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) International jury,China Institute of Interior Design (CIID) Design expert judges,Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts display art senior training practice tutor,National senior furnishings art design tutor,Top 10 High-end residential designers in China,China high premium real estate design innovator,One of the 11 members of the ten famous interior designers & expert bank in Shenzhen, the international design capital.rnrnISTEC PARIS business School DBA (IM) PhD candidate in Business Administration, In 2002, the great Hall of the People of China launched the first professional development of display art accessories,In 2005, it won the 20-year Promotion Award of China Interior Design,2009 Chinese Times Newsmaker, known as "Space Magician",Awarded "China Interior Design Education Contribution Award" in 2013,IARI Certified Senior Designer in the United States,One of the first registered national senior interior architects in China,The first Chinese designer to be featured in Newsmakers Asia,The first innovation of sensualism and emotional aesthetics design theory system,The first Asian Interior Design Paper Award winner (IID-ASC) ,The first representative of The Chinese design community to go to SEOUL, Korea as the speaker of the Annual Conference of Asian Interior Design Federation and International Academic Exchange of Interior Design (IID-ASC).rnrnIn 2005, he was invited to participate in the design exhibition held in Boston, USA (the first time in China). In April of the same year, he successfully held ten years' works exhibition in the famous Guan Shanyue Art Museum.In 2015, he was selected to the United Nations 70+ Chinese Contemporary Art and Creative Design Achievement Exhibition in New York. 2018 Milan Design Exhibition "50 Chinese Top Design & Quality Mansion" exhibition designer.From 2018 to 2020, he has been invited as a special speaker & Global Image Ambassador of France Double God International Design Award for three consecutive years.rnrnFrom 1998 to 2020, Mr. Liu weijun visited more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and his works have won more than 300 international and Asia-pacific design and corporate and individual awards,Such as three times awarded Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards,Japan G-mark Design Award,French GPDP Award,International Design Awards (IDA),A'Design Award,DNA Paris Design Awards,Grands Prix Du Design Award,Outstanding Property Award London,And other international excellent design awards including gold, silver and bronze.rnrnDo not painstakingly, do not insist, do oneself, this is probably Danfu Lau and the body all come to the trait. He integrates this unique characteristic into his every design work, without rules, constraints and specific directions; He used his paranoia about beauty to create all kinds of artistic conception, life and stories.


José Martinez Silva

CEO, Partner and Founder, ATELIER CENTRAL

As the CEO, founder and main leader architect of ATELIER CENTRAL (AC) since 1991, José Martinez Silva, has designed a wide range of projects from the small scale of a private home to the large scale of urban design, residential, educational, civic, hotel, resorts, commercial, leisure, industry, and deep specialization in Brand Design with special emphasis on the automotive sector.

Throughout 1990-1991, he has worked with well-known architects such as João Luís Carrilho da Graça and Gonçalo Byrne. He is a member of the South Regional Board of the Architects Association, a jury member in multiple competitions, and is frequently invited as a guest speaker at conferences, seminars, master classes, and lectures.

His work has been published in well-respected magazines, websites, blogs, and has been recognized in international competitions, distinguished with prestigious awards and prizes such as 2017 American Architecture Prize – The Firm of the Year Awards 2016, International Space Design Award Idea-Tops 2016 - Best Design Award of Cultural Spaces (Montemor-o-Velho School); Architizer A+Awards (BMWi City Sales Outlet); Valmor’s Award 2011 (Vergílio Ferreira School), among others.

In 2014 launched the Start-up myBUILDIN, an online platform that extends AC’s accumulated know-how to help users to estimate the refurbishing costs of their houses/offices/shops according to the chosen finishes and construction works.

Recently he established ATCENTRAL Group, a privately held real estate investment and advisory firm, reinforced by a reliable history of AC’s architectural services and managing.


Erwin Hawawinata

Principal Architect and Interior Designer, Hawawinata n Associates

Situated in Jakarta, Erwin has more than 20 years of experience in the architecture and interior design industry, mainly focusing on residential projects. Throughout the years, he was directly involved in developing concepts for many accommodations. Therefore, for his day-to-day tasks involves him sketching concepts for buildings, choosing the appropriate material needed for construction, and directly supervising the architectural and interior design progress - setting of the furnitures and/or finishings. Erwin established his firm Hawawinata N Associates, in which he designed many residences, private offices, and galleries for the Indonesian crème de la crème. Furthermore, through his many designing endeavors, he has won the 2020 Interior Designer award from Luxury Lifestyle Awards.


Han Ying

Head, Interior Decoration Design, Property Center at Greentown China, Greentown China

Head, Interior Decoration Design, Property Center at Greentown China Head, Technology, New Materials and Living Trends R&D, Greentown Architectural Technology Group Founder, RUYI SPACE Magazine Design Management Deputy Manager, Laurel Oriental (Hangzhou) Han Ying holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Art Design from Zhejiang International Studies University and an MBA degree from Patten University. She has 13 years of experience in managing leading real estate enterprises and interior decoration design of property projects. Han Ying joined Greentown China in 2009. From 2009 to 2016, she managed the interior decoration design and engineering of many projects, including Blue Patio (Hangzhou), Qiantang Bright Moon (Hangzhou), and The Osmanthus Grace (Hangzhou), etc. “The Osmanthus Grace” series has been extensively applied to Greentown’s subsequent property developments. From 2016 to 2018, Han Ying served as the Head of Interior Decoration Design at Greentown Hangzhou Branch. During this period, she participated in constructing plentiful exemplary projects in Hangzhou, such as Phoenix Mansion, The China Collection and Trevista, among which the “Phoenix Mansion” has become a prominent property series in the real estate sector. Since 2018, Han Ying has been serving as the Assistant General Manager at the Property Center of Greentown China, and the Deputy General Manager of the Laurel Oriental project in the Asian Games Village, Hangzhou. Han Ying is responsible for managing the interior decoration design of Greentown’s property developments. She established interior design standards for all the company’s property series. She steered the development of the modules of six interior living scenes, which offer flexible interior solutions applicable to property developments targeted at both businesses and consumers. The whole R&D process for interior design standardization is systematic and far-sighted, which lays the foundation for the industrialization of interior decoration. Based on this concept, Han Ying led the establishment of the brand RUYI HOUSE, to provide customers with value-added services. RUYI HOUSE marks a breakthrough of Greentown in its interior design solutions, and offers practical experience to contribute to the industrialization of China’s real estate sector as well. Since 2018, Han Ying has been concurrently acting as the Assistant General Manager at Greentown Architectural Technology Group, responsible for the company’s design business and supporting the Architectural Research Center to develop new materials and study living trends. She has developed several models, including prefabricated show flat, elderly-friendly show flat, RUYI HOUSE storage system, construction techniques & craftsmanship, and underground homecoming space. Through innovatively upgrading properties and continuously renewing R&D projects, Han Ying has contributed to the progress of the real estate sector and the improvement of living environment. In addition, she has been actively promoting the communication among real estate enterprises to drive the advancement of the industry through technological innovation. Han Ying steered the setting up of Greentown’s Interior Decoration Design Digital Management Platform in 2020, which was awarded with the Cloud Building Prize conferred by China Building Decoration Association for celebrating digital application and innovation. On March 20th, 2021, Greentown Life Developers Conference was held, at which RUYI HOUSE developed by Greentown’s Property Management Center made its debut, inviting Greentown property owners and stakeholders from all walks of life to communicate and explore the “ideal future life”. At the conference, Han Ying delivered a keynote speech entitled “Change for You”, expressing the view that the interior design of an ideal home needs to be flexible to adapt to the evolution of living scenes, to upgrade excellent properties into considerate services and to create a pleasant, quality life. In 2021, collaborating with Time+Architecture and ID+C, Han Ying founded RUYI SPACE, a magazine focusing on interior design with relevance to human culture, art, nature and technology. The magazine brings together several sectors including interior design, architecture, art and industrial design to provide “a medium for academic discussions, a think tank for product innovations, a platform for gathering resources and a window for observing the world”, to advance the development of China’s interior industry.


Ching-Wen Huang

Chief Design Officer, D.H.I.A International Design CO.,Ltd

Ching-Wen Huang is the Director of D.H.I.A International Design, where her professionalism and experience allows her to inject life into each living space and workspace she touches.

Emphasizing on quality of life and value, her designs are philosophized with the ideology of ‘design from life, life from design’. Her success is also attributed to her impeccable communication with her clients and the understanding of their point of view, allowing each design to have a soul of its own.

Her recent accolades include being named a Top 100 Best Interior Designer in "Interior Design”, winning Gold and Jury Awards in Dubai International Competition, two Silver Awards in Novum Design Awards and winner at the International Property Awards.


Jae Leong

Judging Committee Chairperson, International Awards Associate (IAA)

As the chairperson of IAA's extensive judging committee, Jae is the forerunner of the organization, leading the way in the pursuit of quality assurance and creative excellence in primary fields like design, creative advertising, marketing communications and video production, and business. She is also one of the primary award representatives at IAA, not to mention her various successful administrations of assessments throughout her career.

Jae also emphasizes on the coordination of strategic arrangements across diverse jury panels, positioning herself as one of the best there is in the industry. With a remarkable perception for management, Jae has overseen her role explicitly, ensuring that each entrant receives the evaluations they so rightfully deserve for their efforts and endeavors. Additionally, working with professionals worldwide has allowed her to be in the center of specialization, developing top-notch communication and relation management skills in the process.


Hans-Petter Bjørnådal

Creative director, Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio

Hans-Petter Bjørnådal (1977) is a Norwegian architect, graduated from the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) in 2003. Besides architecture and scenography, he is focused on the research of nomadic cultures and the connection between the modern man and nature.

His works have been internationally published in Topos, Byggekunst, Architectural Worlds, Architizer, Designboom, and Arch Daily among others. The environmental theatre Klemet was a finalist in the Architizer 2015 + Awards.


Yolande Wong

Chief Content Operating Officer of DESIGNKEEPER, Beijing Zhijian Culture Communication Co.,Ltd

Ms. Yolande Wong has been deeply engaged in media industry for ten years, and has rich experience in brand management, media communication and marketing planning. As one of the first brand operation managers in the design field to put forward and practice the strategy of market segmentation in China, she not only has unique experience in the Chinese market, but also has the ability to provide global services to customers. She has served hundreds of design companies and decoration groups such as Golden Mantis, Grandland Group, Matrix Design, and Tengyuan Design, planning and implementation of dozens of industry activities with the scale of 1000 people. Her articles are often seen in "Chinese Architectural Decoration", "Personage Decoration" and other publications.


Freeman Woo

Co-Founder, Kith and Kin Realty

Freeman Woo is the Co-Founder of Kith and Kin Realty Sdn. Bhd. From no experience to his current 12 years of experience in this real estate industry, he had won numerous awards, such as: Star Agent for Mont Kiara area for a few consecutive years, Extra Mile Award Agent, Innovative Awards, Champion for Individual and Team Sales Awards, etc. Freeman’s 12-plus years of experience in selling and listing homes in the Malaysia has given him invaluable knowledge and skills in the real estate industry. In 2020, he started Kith and Kin with his partners and grew their Real Estate Firm to 100++ agents in less than a year.



Founder, Design Director & Architect, Zhou Wen Jun Design Ltd / 524 STUDIO

Zhou has been invited to United States and Italy as Design Jury for several international design awards. Such as SPARK Architecture and Design Awards (2013.US), A' Design Awards (2013-2014.IT), Vertex Awards (2014-2015.US), A' Design Awards (2015-2016.IT), and Vertex Awards (2015-2016.US). His work has earned a plethora of international awards, mainly including: The Art Directors Club Cube (US), One Show Design Pencil (US), Red Dot Awards (DE), Cannes Lions (FR), Tokyo Type Directors Club (JP), HKDA global design awards (HK), A' Design Awards(IT), International Photography Awards (US), Japan Typography Association (JP), Design For Asia Awards(HK), GRAPHIS Gold Award (US), China National Art Exhibition highest prize (CN) and other awards. He graduated from the School of Architecture at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). He then majored and graduated with a master's degree in urban image design at the School of Design, also at CAFA. He is a Cube Awarded Member of New York the Art Directors Club (ADC), Pencil Awarded Member of New York The One Club, Member of The Architectural League New York and Member of the China Artists Association. Zhou's work has been published and exhibited globally, such as United States, Japan, Germany, British, Brazil, China, South Africa, India, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Chile, South Korea, Slovenia, Thailand, Argentina, France, and Switzerland.


Wu Wei

Founder and creative director, IN.X Design

As the founder and creative director of IN.X based in Beijing, the interior architect Wu Wei is a master in Chinese catering space design. He is the designated designer for some popular restaurant in China, such as Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant, Hu Da Restaurant, etc. With the design philosophy of “Strategy First, Design Follows”, he has maintained close strategic partnerships with many leading Chinese catering brands.  With deep attainments in esthetics and global perspective in business, he provides accurate business and design strategy for brand, thus, creating sustainable vitality for brand development. Wu Wei has witnessed and nourished the development of Chinese new generation catering brands.


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