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Forbes International Tower: Redefining Sustainable Architect

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Donia Zaghloul

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Forbes International Tower: An Icon of Sustainable Innovation and Architectural Brilliance

Forbes International Tower stands not just as an architectural achievement but as a testament to sustainable progress. Envisioned as the pinnacle of modern construction, the tower is designed to intertwine with the environment, targeting a LEED Platinum and an ILFI Zero Carbon certification to become one of the most sustainable towers.

At its core, Forbes International Tower is a hub for forward-thinkers, offering office and commercial spaces that facilitate innovation and collaboration. Developed with high performance technologies, it reflects an architectural philosophy that responds dynamically to the environmental and functional demands of the New Administrative Capital city in Egypt, with extensions to the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The tower's design is a collaborative masterpiece, brought to life by the acclaimed architects at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), who infuse sustainability into every aspect. Sculptor Richard Orlinski adds an artistic narrative to the structure, with bespoke sculptures for each floor. Meanwhile, Leonardo ensures cutting-edge security, and Designworks, a BMW group company, crafts an interactive facade that transforms the building's exterior into an experiential canvas.

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Schneider Electric and H2-Enterprises have led to the tower's most revolutionary feature: the integration of Clean Hydrogen as its main energy source. This not only powers the towers operations allowing it to run completely off the grid, but the system is also scalable enabling a surplus of renewable energy to be produced and delivered back to the grid and allowing the tower to reach a net negative carbon footprint. This will mark the Forbes International Tower as one of the world’s first buildings to achieve this milestone.

The tower will also include the world’s highest volume of Building Integrated Photovoltaic Panels (BIPV) installed on the facade to help generate as much solar energy as possible. This additional energy which is simulated to be around 25% of the towers electrical needs is pure surplus electricity that can help clean the electrical grids in the surrounding communities of Saudi, Egypt, and the UAE; and will make this tower an integral renewable energy contributor to the city’s electrical infrastructure.

Forbes International Tower encapsulates the essence of art, architecture, and sustainability; coupled with an unparalleled level of smart technology integration, the tower is creating a blueprint for future developments and positions itself as a beacon of innovation, environmental stewardship and setting the new standard for the future of office spaces.


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