Real Estate

Recognizing the brilliant minds behind the ideas and concepts of the ever-changing infrastructural landscape, along with the integration of societal technology, enabling mankind to evolve in accordance with the world.

TITAN Property Awards purpose is to acknowledge those that are able to bring these ideas to fruition, creating a living environment that increases the living standards for everyone.

Join us now and claim the TITAN Real Estate of the Year award that is rightfully yours! Being the best is now no longer a dream.


RE23001. Community Champion
RE23002. Million Dollar Real Estate Agent (REA)
RE23003. Outstanding Broker
RE23004. Outstanding Buyer's Agent
RE23005. Outstanding Contractor
RE23006. Outstanding Dual Agent
RE23007. Outstanding Employer
RE23008. Outstanding Land & New Homes Specialist
RE23009. Outstanding Lettings Agency
RE23010. Outstanding New Agency (< 2 years)
RE23011. Outstanding Probationary Estate Agents (PEA)
RE23012. Outstanding Property Consultancy
RE23013. Outstanding Property Management Company
RE23014. Outstanding Property Management Department
RE23015. Outstanding Real Estate Negotiator (REN)
RE23016. Outstanding Real Estate Agency
RE23017. Outstanding Real Estate Agency Grouo (2 to 10 Offices)
RE23018. Outstanding Real Estate Agency Group (Over 10 Offices)
RE23019. Outstanding Realtor
RE23020. Outstanding Residential Auction Service
RE23021. Outstanding Seller's Agent
RE23022. Rising Star (< 2 years)
RE23023. Women Achiever in Real Estate Sector
RE23000. Real Estate / Other____

Deadlines & Fees

TITAN Property Awards makes every effort to keeps entry costs low. Thus, our entry fees are $230 for all property development categories, $180 for all architecture/interior design/real estate categories, and $119 for all property marketing categories. Rather than increase the fee for each entry, fees are only charged in order to cover administrative costs like printing, mailing and data organization. For this reason, each participant is charged a flat one-time $30 administration fee. When all participants pay the same low fee, those submitting more than one entry will actually pay less than if fees were on a sliding scale.

Entry Period
Early Bird
(Nov 9 - Dec 14, 2022)
(Dec 15, 2022 - Jan 18, 2023)
(Jan 19 - Feb 15, 2023)
Property Development
First Entry
$220 $250 $270
Property Development
Additional Category
$200 $230 $250
Property Development
Additional Entry
$220 $250 $270
Property Marketing
First Entry
$119 - Single
$190 - Campaign
$129 - Single
$200 - Campaign
$149 - Single
$210 - Campaign
Property Marketing
Additional Category
$85 - Single
$110 - Campaign
$95 - Single
$140 - Campaign
$105 - Single
$160 - Campaign
Property Marketing
Additional Entry
$119 - Single
$190 - Campaign
$129 - Single
$200 - Campaign
$149 - Single
$210 - Campaign
Architecture/Interior/Real Estate $190 - First Entry
$110 - Additional Category
$200 - First Entry
$140 - Additional Category
$210 - First Entry
$160 - Additional Category

* Fees are non-refundable. Withdrawn submissions (whether withdrawn by entrant or by the TITAN Property Awards for entrant's failure to comply with the entry rules) will NOT be refunded. Multiple categories must be submitted with your initial submission in order to be counted as “additional categories”.

* TITAN Property Awards and International Awards Associate’s decision are final in its sole discretion and binding in relation to all matters relating to competitions and may not be subject to any discussions or correspondence.

Benefits and recognition

The Real Estate Winner of the Year will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win. The winning entry will be highlighted on the main page of the TITAN Property Awards website, and published on our official social media platform.

In addition, Platinum and Gold winners will receive a complimentary certificate, template press release, as well as graphic downloads for marketing purpose.


The Category Winners of the Year from each category will receive a complimentary statuette and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win.


All Category Winners of the Year, Platinum and Gold Winners will get chance to showcase your winning work with a published interview on our media partner – Muse.World’s website.


Every winner gets a dedicated Winner’s Page for up-to 5 years to promote your achievement on our correspondence, social media, websites, and more.
Benefits / Winning Level Category Winners of the Year Platinum Winners Gold Winners
TITAN Statuette YES / /
Appearance on Winner’s Highlight Page YES / /
Mentioned in Winner Press Release YES / /
Mentioned in TITAN Property Awards e-Newsletter YES / /
Mentioned in Media Partner Website: Muse.World YES YES /
Dedicated Social Post YES YES /
Winner’s Interview YES YES YES
Dedicated Winners’ Page YES YES YES
Eligible to Purchase TITAN Statuette YES YES YES
Winner Certificate YES YES YES
Winner’s Badge YES YES YES

Awards Process

Online Registration
Online Submission
Preliminary Checking
Entry Evaluation
Winners Selection


A preliminary check is performed by a random jury member to provide insights to your project after your submission is complete. The consultancy service is free-of-charge, and you will be given constructive feedback on the improvements of your submission.

The jury member will be looking for design quality, visualization and presentation characteristics, category compliance, images, the descriptive text, and more. Your project will either be approved or rejected based on the preliminary check, where you will receive the update via email. In the event that your project is rejected, there will constructive actions given by the jury member for you to further improve your submission.


1. The preliminary score will not be the final score. Your final score will be based on the points given by the grand jury panel.

2. The preliminary score is provided as is, where is, and as it is available basis, thus not guaranteed to be as accurate as the final score.

3. The preliminary score is subjective and thus subject to change. Your score increases or decreases based on the viewership by other preliminary jurors.

4. The preliminary score will not be seen by the jury panel, and will not be used to determined your final score.


Image Limits; Up to ten images in JPEG and one PDF can be uploaded per entry. For easy results, ensure images are formatted as JPEG/PNG, 1000px, and no larger than 5MB. Please save PDFs in "Screen View", limited to 6 pages per entry, or 5MB in size.

Submissions should be as detailed as possible. For example, architectural submissions should include small-scale site plans for context, and images of all sides of the building and its environment. A complex of buildings should include a rendering. Restorations and remodels should include images of the site "before and after."

Submissions can be entered as concepts, completed, or works in process. Completed projects may not be older than five years.

Limit written descriptions of your project to 350 words or less.